Belgian Wheat Spirit (750ml) 92 proof

Belgian Wheat Spirit (750ml) 92 proof

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Must be 21+ to order. Pick up only.

This was distilled from our True Born Belgian Wheat mash of malted barley, wheat and oats that was fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. Here's the fun part...we added sweet orange peel, coriander, lemongrass and hops to the mash. By doing so, we can't officially call this a whiskey, instead it's technically a Distilled Spirits Specialty.

The result is fruity, floral and citrusy with complementary vanilla, oak and caramel notes. It's super smooth with a burst of orange making it a great summer "whiskey".

92 proof.

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  • Due to State Manufacturer Laws, we can only sell two 750ml per person, per day.
  • You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol
  • Each individual can only pick up for themselves and must show BOTH a valid form of ID matching the name on the order + printed or digital receipt
  • Pickup times are Thursday - Friday: 3pm - 6pm.
  • If for some reason you need to change your order or need to cancel, please email us at