Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tasting room open?: At the moment our tasting room is closed. We do not have a date for reopening the tasting room at this time. However, our building is open for in person shopping during the holidays. While we will not be offering bar services, you can stop in for a bottle or two of spirits, merchandise, or apparel. When we have an update on the tasting room, we will post it to our social medias!

Where's the whiskey?: With our attention on Loyal 9 Cocktails during the pandemic and until recently, we were unable to make the quality spirits we promise. Now that we are no longer canning Loyal 9, we can get back to what we love to do. Starting November 2021 we have been able to release some new spirits, and will be bringing back others. Stay tuned for more.

Shipping: Sons of Liberty is not able to ship spirits. Feel free to check our bottle finder to see if your local liquor store carries our products!

If you are looking to purchase a bottle of whiskey to send to someone or for yourself out of state, you can check with Bridge Liquors or Bottles Fine Wine.

Other merchandise such as apparel, barware, and other accessories are available to ship. As we acclimate to our new online store, shipping policies may change. 
Currently our shipments are through UPS Ground. Your items will ship as soon as possible -- our staff are working hard to keep whiskey stocked and product going out the door. Most packages ship within 1 - 3 business days.

Bourbon?: At the moment we do not have any bourbon for sale! We apologize, but it's sleeping with the rest of our whiskey nestled in their barrels until they're ready to go!

Why can't I purchase more than two 750ml bottles per day?: Per Rhode Island law, we just can't. The law was recently changed to allow distilleries to sell up to 1500mls of spirits per day, so now you can grab two of your favorite bottles from us! If you are looking to purchase more, unfortunately it will be a multi-day process, or you can call your favorite local liquor store and see if they have our product in stock.

Your retail hours don't work for me, can I pick up at another day/time?: Unless absolutely necessary, please only come for your order during our regular retail hours listed on our website. Our retail staff are also production and admin staff, so during the week we are making whiskey and working on projects to get you all the awesome things we used to! If you can't make it during our hours (Thurs - Fri: 12pm - 7pm; Sat: 11a - 3p), please email us at and we can work out a day & time for your pick up.

If you have any questions not listed here, please email us at and we will answer it to the best of our ability as soon as we can! We thank you all for supporting us the last year during all of our changes!