Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tasting room open? Are you offering tours or renting space for events?
At the moment, our tasting room remains closed - we are not offering bar service, tours, or events. Our space is only open for retail sales (Thursday & Friday 2pm - 6pm, Saturday 11am - 3pm). At this time we do not have any information on when our tasting room will reopen.

What happened to the tasting room?
During the bulk of the pandemic we pivoted as a company to making sanitizer for our community, and at the time we were also canning Loyal 9 canned cocktails. The tasting room was torn out to allow us to have more space for production and shipping staging. Since then we have not settled on any plans for rebuilding. When we have news, we will be shouting about it everywhere!

What happened to the canned cocktails?
As of April 2021, we no longer own the Loyal 9 cocktail brand. Therefore, we no longer produce or sell the Loyal 9 cocktails in our location. You can find locations to purchase through their website and social media accounts.

What is chair 2, and where can I get it?

chair 2 is a light beer brand made by us here at Sons of Liberty Spirits Co! The light lager was released at the end of May in 2021, with the light IPA and light wheat following at the end of May 2022. 
We can't sell it in our retail space due to RI laws, as we are working with Isle Brewers Guild to brew and package chair 2. Because it isn't made in house, we can't sell it in house. However you can find chair 2 at your nearest liquor store in Rhode Island!

Your retail hours don’t work for my schedule and I have a pick up - what can we do?
That’s not a problem - please send us an email at and we can work out a day and time that works for you. We understand our location and current hours can be difficult to fit into some schedules.

What happens if I place an order and don’t pick it up?
We will hold your order for you for ten business days after purchase unless we are notified that you will be picking up at a different time. We have a limited supply of products at the moment, and want to make sure purchases get out the door. An email will be sent out to the email address given at check out with a reminder, then the order will be canceled and refunded after ten days.

Why don’t you have bourbon or a certain spirit?
Any bourbon we have is resting in barrels. At this time we do not have a set date for any to be finished resting and ready to go. Some spirits have been retired from production - we understand our customers love them, and we do too! But some are very difficult and time consuming to produce, or have ingredients that are now very difficult to procure. Unfortunately our Pumpkin Whiskey is one of those, so now if you find a bottle of that in the wild, grab it and savor it!
Our other spirits are either finishing up their time in barrels, or are being worked on to get them back out in stores for you all. 

Why can’t you ship purchased spirits?
Short answer, every state’s laws on alcohol shipments to private customers are different, and we don’t know them all. We also don’t have the licensing to ship from our location as a manufacturer. 

Please see our Shipping page for more information.

Why is it limited to two bottles per purchase?
Rhode Island law states that as a manufacturer of alcohol, we can only sell 1500ml of spirits to a single person, per day. Math puts that at two of our 750ml bottles. 
If you are looking for larger quantities, our bottle finder will lead you to a liquor store that carries our product.

When will your bottled cocktails be available in liquor stores?
Unfortunately, there are no plans for our bottled cocktails to go to liquor stores. All cocktails are made small batch by our little retail team, and we try to keep our offering fresh and different for everyone to find something they love.

Will you bring back any of the cocktails you made before?
Sure! If there was a cocktail you really enjoyed and want to see again, head on over to our recipe page right here. You can send us your request to bring back any cocktails from their page.

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to email us at We will try our best to get you an answer as soon as we possibly can. For other inquiries, please email info@drinksol.