Please read all of the below before ordering.

  • Due to State Manufacturer Laws, we can only sell up to two (2) 750ml bottles, per person, per day. That is across all of our products: single bottles, bundles, bottled to-go cocktails.
  • Any orders that do not follow this law will be cancelled and refunded.
  • You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol and have a valid form of ID on arrival for pick up.
  • Each individual can only pick up for themselves and must show a valid form of ID matching the name on the order. No substitutions.
  • Pickup times are Thursday & Friday: 2p - 6p and Saturday: 11a - 3p
  • Majority of orders will be ready same day for pick up if placed a half hour before retail pick up hours close. If there is an issue with your order, an email or text will be sent out to you.
  • A notification that your order is ready will be sent out to you before our pick up hours open. Sometimes an order notification is missed, either by our staff or your email provider may mark it as spam. Don't worry! Your order is likely still ready for pick up.
  • Orders placed during days retail is closed, will usually be ready the next following open day.
  • We will hold your order for you for two weeks. A reminder email is sent out after one week. At the end of two weeks your order will be cancelled, you will be refunded, and the items will be restocked.
  • If for some reason you need to change your order or need to cancel, please email us at retail@drinksol.com
  • We cannot ship our spirits from our location. Please check with Bridge Liquors, Bottles Fine Wine, or check our bottle finder or our can finder to see if your local liquor store carries our products.